Putting People Over Politics: Neal Simon for US Senate

The midterm elections are coming faster than a speeding bullet, and voters who have been alienated by the hyper-partisan atmosphere are having trouble finding a place to land in this cycle, unless you live in Maryland. While most races are predominantly Republican or Democrat, the Maryland race for US Senate has an independent candidate — Neal Simon.

While Maryland has historically been a blue state, proof exists that Maryland voters are open to more than just Democrats. Take, for example, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who is one of the nation’s most popular governors and is a Republican. Governor Hogan’s favorability among both parties remains high and proves voters are receptive to changing course when necessary for better representation.

As it stands, Neal has the opportunity to upset Democrat incumbent Senator Ben Cardin. Cardin, who was first elected in 1966 has spent half a century in public office, is seeking a third term in the Senate. Running to the right of Cardin is the Republican nominee, Towson University political science lecturer Tony Campbell, who is the quintessential GOP candidate. Cardin touts endorsements from establishment heads such as Dr. Ben Carson and former RNC Chair Michael Steele and presents himself as a Trump supporter.

Regardless of party affiliation, far left and far right leaning ideology has removed the oxygen from their respective parties leaving no room for a moderate point of view. Moderate voters are being squeezed out on both sides of the aisle and partisan polarization has rendered Congress ineffective, causing both sides to resort to dirty politics in hopes of securing a win this cycle.

In the past, incumbent candidates and establishment candidates were the only choice for voters. However, in today’s political climate voters deserve better, and in Maryland that is exactly what voters are getting with Neal Simon. A better choice and the chance to vote for a principled candidate who is ready to put public interest ahead of special interest, Neal Simon’s candidacy and approach to politics is simple, put people over politics.

Simon is the CEO of an asset management firm, and the current chair of the Greater Washington Community Foundation, which gives away more than $70 million each year, making it the largest funder of local non-profit groups in the Washington, D.C. region. He also served for six years on the board of directors for Interfaith Works, which helps vulnerable neighborhoods in Maryland’s Montgomery County fight poverty and homelessness.

Like most Americans today, Simon believes the partisanship and divisiveness in our government are pulling us apart, and leaders who care more about winning are the greatest threats to our country. In a bleak political world driven by tribalism, Simon’s optimism is refreshing and while some may question Simon’s legitimacy as a candidate the reality is, Simon is goal focused and solutions oriented.

From reducing gun violence to bringing high-paying jobs to Maryland to lowering health care costs, Simon has all the showings of a person committed to the cause versus a rubber stamp shackled by party affiliation. With a little over three weeks left in the midterm cycle, voters are seeking candidates outside of party lines, and for Maryland voters, Neal Simon is the man of the hour.

There is no room on either side of the aisle for the average American and the only way to prevent the extreme left and right from ending the great experiment is by upsetting the status quo and electing independents, such as Neal Simon. Simon is committed to bridging the growing partisan divide in order to tackle our largest challenges and leave a better country for future generations.

Between Trump’s Twitter account and Ben Cardin’s rubber stamp, the future of America could be grim unless Maryland voters make history and elect Neal Simon in November. Aside from making history, Maryland voters have a chance to forge a new path to how politics will be conducted in Washington.

Having Neal Simon in the Senate would deny either party the majority and force a compromise among Democrats and Republicans. Little question remains that party affiliations are being shed like pounds on the NBC’s Biggest Loser, causing the independent movement to expand rapidly becoming American’s largest voting bloc.

For voters in Maryland, Neal Simon is a beacon of hope and safe place to land for those who are longing for common sense solutions. Simon’s platform and unaffiliated status speaks to a lot of voters who have been left in the cold since the 2016 election. But unless they show up to vote, the Free State will find itself chained to the partisan politics as usual.

The time is now, and America is counting on Maryland to write a new chapter in American history. It is time to elect independent candidate Neal Simon to the US Senate and tell Congress, American deserves better.